Inside the Startup Factory

Our approach to building successful startups is unique. Take a step-by-step tour of the process.

Step One

Identify the Opportunity

We research traditional industries in Mexico and LATAM that have historically under-invested in technology and identify “low hanging fruit” opportunities – where a small amount of technology could have large impact.

Step Two

Validate the Opportunity

We work with business leaders in these sectors to validate both the problem and the solution and pre-negotiate license agreements with them as users/customers.

Step Three

Create / Fund the Company

Once we’ve removed the product-to-market risk, we create a company, invest a modest amount of money into it, and install it within Agave Lab for six months of incubation.

Step Four

Go to Work

Using our in-house design/development team we immediately go to work on the product. We recruit an executive team and provide them with intensive, daily, hands-on mentoring.

Step Five

Recruit and Cross-Train the Team

Throughout the 6 month incubation period, we recruit developers to the project and they mirror, 1-for-1, the members of the Agave Lab team.

Step Six

Get to Market Quickly

Our goals are to launch the first product within 4 months and achieve profitability within 6 months. By this point the company has a product, customers, revenue, and a stable foundation to build on.

Last Step

Spin It Out and Go Back to Step One

The company moves out of the incubator and into its own facility ready to take on the world. We stay involved with weekly check-ins but are free to start on the next one.